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Helping you to use buses, trains and trams in South Yorkshire

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We can give you advice and provide tools to help you get to interviews, training courses and jobs more easily.

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Being able to travel gives you more freedom, confidence and independence.

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Getting Around

South Yorkshire is an easy place to get around using buses, trains and trams.

Click the icons below to learn more about public transport in South Yorkshire.

Bus Facts

Train Facts

Tram Facts

How to Plan your journey

In order to plan your journey - we need to start at
Enter where you're going from and to. Start by typing in your postcode or road name where you are travelling from - then select the destination you are going to.
After this, enter the date and time you wish to travel.
Then click on the plan your journey button.
We will provide you with a few options which will match the times you entered - you can pick the best option for you to get where you want to be on time.
If you click on the orange arrow we will provide you with all the details of your journey including how long it takes to walk to your stop and the time it will take to reach your destination.
To view a timetable enter a bus number or select the tram or train route. Then click the Go button.
We will provide you with the timetable you requested.
To view live departures enter a stop number, bus number or postcode. Then click the Go button.
We will provide you with the live departures you requested.
To search for tickets click on Ticket finder.
Select if you're going to be travelling by bus, tram or train and where in South Yorkshire, including if your journey takes you out of South Yorkshire. After this, select the duration and type of ticket you would like to search for. Then click the Find tickets button.
We will provide you with options which will match the details you entered—you can pick the best option for you.

Mobile Journey Planning

The Travel South Yorkshire website is also available on smartphone or tablet.
Press the headings to access the tool you wish to use


Registering for a MyTSY account has many benefits. Follow the instructions on how to register.
Click to register a new account
Fill in your details and submit
When logged in you can:
Sign into your MyTSY account with your log in details to view your personal travel information.
Order tickets and passes
Receive personalised timetable updates
Contact us

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